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Who Connected Customers Are and Why You Should Care

Apr 10, 2015 1:33:38 PM

"A recent report indicated that by 2020 customer experience will be the key brand differentiator, replacing price and product; in another recent survey more than 65% of consumers indicated they’d stop using a brand after just one poor customer...

Our Platform Provides Service Globally

Dec 19, 2014 2:49:28 PM

Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore is where our platform is in operation today, with additional countries being planned – this is in addition to 6 independent installations within...

Google's New Click-To-Call Feature Could be Even Better

Dec 16, 2014 4:02:14 PM

Google's new click-to-call feature allows people to be connected directly to a business. Google announced that 70 percent of mobile searchers click to call a business directly from Google's search results. Senior product manager of mobile ads for...

Introducing our new WFM Call Center Calculator

Nov 6, 2014 4:52:09 PM

A new tool in our Resources section helps with calculating staffing levels:

Reducton of Abandonment in Multi-Channel Environments

Nov 3, 2014 3:02:06 PM

Agent capacity model will help you to route several multichannel interactions to one agent

Webinar: 7 Issues Solved by New Mobile Customer Service Solution

Oct 24, 2014 8:11:53 PM

Tailored services for smartphone users - the Rich Contact Experience.

Learn about Bright Pattern's innovative solution for contact centers - a button in your existing smartphone application or website, which allows your contact center to benefit...

Agent Focus - Dealing with Multi-media, Multi-interaction Contacts

Oct 22, 2014 3:22:53 PM

Today, agents increasingly handle multiple interactions at the same time (e.g., chat), the interactions could span multiple media types, and the can be related to same or different contacts. Accounting for what they are working on at each moment...

Contact Center Platform for BPOs

Sep 18, 2014 1:33:37 PM

Contact center platform for BPOs - a new program for deploying our high availability, fault-tolerant ServicePattern platform. This program for Business Process Outsourcers...

App Engagement for Retailers - The New Mobile Commerce Metric

Sep 8, 2014 4:13:34 PM
Retailers Neiman Marcus, Kohl's, Victoria's Secret, H&M and Groupon realize high levels of app utilization.

"App engagement" is a new, critical, metric for retailers to monitor. So says the new Internet Retailer 2015 Mobile 500 guide.

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