Putting It All Together: Save Money With Multichannel Customer Service

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been advocating that you use the following customer service platforms as a part of a “multichannel customer service” strategy in your contact center:

Integrating these channels—as well as others like video chat and in-app support—into your contact center can dramatically enhance your inbound and outbound communications capabilities, making your department more accessible to customers and also more efficient.

If done correctly, it can save you a lot of money, too.

A greater variety of tools means less dependence on phones, and you’ll see your monthly toll-free bills plummet.

There’s one pitfall, however, that you need to avoid.

Many businesses make the mistake of manually integrating new communication channels one by one. First, a third-party email platform, followed by live chat, for example.

You’ll wind up with an overly complex—and siloed—communications environment where agents have five or more disparate channels to navigate while interacting with customers. As difficult as this is for agents, it’s even worse for IT,  creating a laborious manual integration process. Most cloud platforms on the market  are not built to work in conjunction with third-party software solutions. Taking this route can also result in heavy implementation fees.

There’s an easier way to introduce multichannel customer service into your contact center. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution features an open, plug-and-play platform that combines multiple communication channels into a single Web interface.

Bright Pattern offers a user-friendly setup, as well as access to a multichannel reporting suite so managers can track productivity across different platforms.

To learn more about how Bright Pattern can help you streamline multichannel customer service for your organization, click here.

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