Contact Center Social Media: The Missing Element in Your Contact Center

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Mary is one of your customers and she uses a variety of social messenger applications like WeChat, LINE and Google Hangouts to interact with her friends and family.

She rarely—if ever—communicates using her phone’s default applications.

Yet your contact center platform doesn’t support many of the communication channels that Mary and many  other of your customers prefer to use when contacting your service agents. In other words, your limited options are likely causing frustration among your key targets.

Simply put, this isn’t good for business.

In today’s customer-centric marketplace, where your competitors are always just a Google search away, you can’t afford to create any barriers between you and your customers. Communication needs to be as effortless as possible; for this reason, it’s vital that your agents can easily engage with customers over their preferred social messenger applications.

Just how important are contact center social media applications today? Put it this way: If you’re still relying on traditional social channels alone to connect with your customers on a daily basis, you’re falling behind the pack.

“Gone are the days when social media was virtually synonymous with Facebook or Twitter,” explained our own Katrina Ponina in a recent blog post. “Instead, today’s networks include a plethora of social messaging apps—many of which are garnering far higher volumes of traffic than traditional social platforms.”

Consequently, your business should consider investing in a contact center platform that integrates with multiple social messenger applications. Agents will be able to have seamless exchanges that start on social channels, for instance, and move across various platforms without a hitch. For example, an agent can start a conversation with a customer on Facebook and then move it to a Google Voice call while also exchanging documents via email—all during the same interaction.

With such a platform, contact center social media applications can improve customer service. And what’s more, your integrated CRM can also lead to greater productivity for your agents in many new ways. Consider, for instance, that right now the average company measures agent productivity based on the average number of calls or emails the agent can handle per hour. Imagine, however, adding SMS to the mix and asking your agents to handle multiple interactions at one time. It’s all about squeezing as much productivity out of your agents as possible.

So don’t delay. If your agents aren’t communicating with customers over social messenger applications, it’s time they start doing so.

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