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Tips For Running An Effective Political Campaign Over the Phone

Apr 28, 2016 6:00:35 AM

The republican and democratic campaigns are officially in the home stretch, with candidates making every concerted effort to sway the opinions of swing voters. At this point in the lengthy campaign trail, with the field narrowed down to just a few...

Customer Journey: Are You Making the Journey Along With Your Customers?

Apr 21, 2016 6:00:45 AM

There is a lot of talk right now about the importance of the customer journey. But what does this term actually mean, and why should you pay attention to it?

Part 2: How to Start a Contact Center (and Ensure It Is Successful!)

Mar 29, 2016 6:00:03 AM

Last week we began the discussion on how to successfully start a contact center startup. We have three more tips for you this week that should be at the forefront when planning out which technology vendor to partner with.

Part 1: How to Start a Contact Center (and Ensure It Is Successful!)

Mar 24, 2016 6:00:30 AM

Your business can no longer keep up with the onslaught of customer demands it is facing on a daily basis. Phones are ringing off the hook. Social media messages are coming at your team left and right. Forget about growing your business; right now...

Enterprise Connect 2016: Multichannel Contact Center Buzz

Mar 23, 2016 6:00:45 AM

Enterprise Connect was such a success this year! Attendance was up, speakers were fantastic, and what a great location! The show was in Orlando, Florida at the Gaylord Palms, March 7-10. On the cloud contact center session track, most buzz was...

Flexible CRM Integration: It’s a Deal Breaker

Mar 15, 2016 6:00:42 AM

You’re considering partnering with a cloud contact center provider that looks like the real deal. This company offers a high-quality customer service platform, around-the-clock support and more.

Service Level Calculations Infographic

Dec 7, 2015 7:34:36 PM

I always have a hard time reading service level formulas. Indeed, a couple of online publications list the same calculation twice, worded differently. We at Bright Pattern use the formula #4 so that short-abandoned calls have no impact, as people...

What’s a Good Service Level or ASA Target?

Nov 24, 2015 12:07:26 AM

Selecting an acceptable service level threshold and average speed of answer target has always seemed an inexact science to me. Where should the numbers come from? Why must the calls be answered in 20 seconds?

Call Center Week in Las Vegas was an absolute success!

Jun 26, 2015 4:33:38 PM

Call Center Week in Las Vegas, was an absolute success for Bright Pattern! As we expected, many of the companies were talking about Omnichannel solutions, but only Bright Pattern had a live demo, which is already available on the market.

We were...

The Gap Between Enterprises and Connected Customers

Jun 5, 2015 1:29:36 PM

In previous blog posts we have examined the concept of connected customers: who they are and what behavioral patterns they exhibit. These connected customers are tech-literate and expect to communicate with each other through a wide range of...

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