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Cybersecurity and Compliance

In today’s digital business realm, companies are looking to migrate away from traditional customer service platforms into more robust, cloud-based contact centers (CCaaS).  Transitioning to a new software solution can be tricky, especially considering a 2018 Syncsort report that 42% of all companies have experienced a migration failure. So when Sysnet – who’s business as a top tier compliance provider of data privacy for millions of cardholders – turned to Bright Pattern for help, failure was not an option.

Who is Sysnet?

Sysnet is a global leader in cybersecurity and compliance. In the financial sector, where the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the model in card payment data privacy, Sysnet is a top tier compliance provider trusted by millions of merchants. While you may not recognize the name Sysnet, if you have ever scanned, swiped or tapped your card at a register, there’s a high likelihood that Sysnet was making sure your data stayed safe.

The Challenge

Sysnet was already using Bright Pattern’s CCaaS, but it was resold through a different vendor. They were happy with the product, but the support and uptime were not on par with where Sysnet wanted to be. Additionally, Sysnet wanted to cut training and onboarding costs while simplifying the user experience. They needed a partner that could ensure a trouble-free migration and meet Sysnet’s aggressive timeline. Bright Pattern was chosen to provide voice solutions to Sysnet’s three global call centers.

The Planning Stage

Sysnet and Bright Pattern began their partnership in June of 2017. Sysnet required an aggressive timeline, which seemed a bit daunting.

“Migration was really sensitive and important,” stated Gerald McGauley, Sysnet’s Global Head of Customer Service. He added, “in the lead up to migration, the team at Bright Pattern gave us reassurances as to how seamless the process was.”

Both companies provided generous resources to the project and developed a carefully planned strategy that would ensure success.


On the day of migration, both teams worked together via a call bridge to overcome any challenges in real time. It was all hands on deck as the teams worked into the wee hours in order to reroute Sysnet’s three call centers to Bright Pattern’s voice solution.

“There were a few little bumps…but Bright Pattern had great [external] relationships.” McGauley said. Adding, “it really was a seamless experience.”

The Results

After a successful migration, Sysnet has seen a huge improvement in training and onboarding times. Additionally, as of this writing, Sysnet is reporting a perfect 100% uptime score. Due to Bright Pattern’s excellence in its product, service, and migration, Sysnet will be implementing Web Chat in early 2019 and additional Bright Pattern products in the near future.

“We are completed satisfied with Bright Pattern…I’m a Bright Pattern champion,” McGauley proclaimed.

Peter Miles Low

About Peter Miles Low

Peter is a Senior Account Executive with fast growing cloud-based contact center software vendor Bright Pattern. Having spent over 20 years selling technology and services to companies like Goldman Sachs, EMC, PricewaterhouseCooper and more, he is passionate about helping organizations achieve desired business outcomes with cutting edge technology and strategy. Certified in Cloud Economics and ROI through AWS and having successful stints at Interactive Intelligence and Genesys, Peter brings a unique perspective to service based companies that are striving to move away from legacy technology infrastructure and processes towards a true Omni-Channel CX model.

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