Chatbots with Human Assistance are Transforming Customer Service

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots are no longer a trend of the future - they are here, and they work well. Many successful chatbots already exist for news outlets, fashion lines, banks and other industries. Bright Pattern’s customers Madison Reed and Transcosmos are using Chatbots in their customer service strategy.

Companies are not limited to developing their bots in-house, like the hair color matching assistant from Madison Reed that I tried the other week, they can use off-the-shelf bot platforms such as

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In any case, human assistance is not an option that could be left out - while chatbots usually work great and with ease, human help should not be far away.

Moreover, providing the option to talk with a human up front, and during the conversation like the bot below, puts the customer at ease during communication with the bot.

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Bright Pattern provides the framework to deploy bots and AI across your different customer service media channels such as chat, SMS, Telegram, Line and WeChat.

Shelby Faris

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As the Marketing Manager at Bright Pattern, my main goal is to increase awareness on the growing benefits of cloud-based technologies in the contact center industry.

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