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When reading a recent article on eero, the world’s best-reviewed WiFi system, we came across the great quote "We did anything we could to rip out the complexity and give you an experience that just works."

There are many examples of complexity in rolling out omnichannel customer service that come to mind:

  1. New channels not integrating well with existing channels. This is probably the worst problem because it leads to a number of issues including a mixture of desktop tools, oversubscription of representative’s time, disconnected reporting that blocks visibility, teams split by media, poor efficiency, and separate quality management tools to name a few.
  2. When a customer attempts to hop channels during a conversation, systems often treat each channel contact as a separate conversation, with its own agent and reports it separately, thus misrepresenting actual number of contacts.
  3. When routing different media, a question of precedence and overrides often arises, e.g. can a call interrupt a chat? How about two chats?

The eero quote above nicely sums up Bright Pattern’s approach in building tools for multichannel customer service. We are creating an omnichannel solution that is already solving the above issues in a cloud package that is as easy to use as a modern smartphone while delivering enterprise-level functionality.

"anything we could to rip out the complexity and give you an experience that just works."


Eero also happens to be our customer. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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