Why Good Storytelling Helps to Design Great Products

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Listed right under "Why us" on the Bright Pattern website is an item called "Designed for the way you work."

It is a short page, but it covers one of the fundamental advantages of the ServicePattern platform. In fact, we are often asked why the word "pattern" appears in our company name and our platform name, and once you read that page, I think you'll have a better idea.

Here's a great article on the same subject. It is by Braden Kowitz, a Design Partner at Google Ventures. He had me hooked with the summary:

It’s not uncommon for designers to confuse a beautiful looking product with one that works beautifully. A great technique for creating smarter, better products is to approach them using story-centered design.

The SmartPattern UI may not be the most beautiful one you see, but as you see and use it, I think you will see that it is the most and best though-out experience for contact centers for sales and customer service ever designed. The design and engineering team have extensive experience and started with a totally blank whiteboard when they set out to change the pattern of customer service.


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