Use Outbound to Start Conversations With Your Customers

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"Outbound doesn’t just help companies avoid costs, it can help them grow revenue. In the case of pharmacies, customers usually wait several days before refilling prescriptions. But calling customers one to two days before the expected renewal helps pharmacies recapture lost revenues. If you’re considering deploying outbound channels for your contact center, here are a few tips for building your strategy..."

Read  the article for details on each of these tips:

  • If you don’t have lifecycle models, build them now.  
  • Formulate an opt-in strategy.
  • Assess your channel options.
  • Map the outbound conversations you’ve identified to the appropriate channels.
  • Build the outbound applications and test with customers.
  • Continue to monitor, measure and gather user feedback.

This article by Elaine Cascio originally appeared in the March 2013 issue of CUSTOMER and is available here. Elaine is VP at Vanguard Communications Corp., a consulting firm specializing in customer experience, self-service, contact center processes, operations, and technology.


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