What I think you should know about the cloud contact center competitive landscape

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Who is Bright Pattern?

This is the chart that I have hanging in my office. The message is simple:

  • The unacceptable status quo is that there have always been tradeoffs when it comes to contact centers.
  • You could get all of the capacity and features you want and need, but then you have to give up the strategic advantages of cloud computing.
  • Or you could get a cloud-based contact center that does not have all of the features or capacity that you want or need.
  • Bright Pattern delivers all of the capacity and features with all of the cloud benefits. No compromises.

That is why I left a legacy vendor, co-founded the company, and took my development team with me. Contact center platforms tend to run in about ten-year cycles and the last generation isn’t cutting it.

Just look at customer satisfaction and how contact center managers and agents feel about their ability to hit their sales goals and customer sat goals with their current systems. Little wonder that Gartner says that 75% of all contact center systems need to be replaced over the next couple years just to keep up.

We spent over two years in development and we have been shipping now for almost a year. If you are part of the 75% that needs a new contact center, and if you need to do things better in your sales or customer service center, I built a company and a platform for you. And I invite you to request a personal demo. In a half an hour we can show you what you need to see. We’ll be glad to demo just to you, or to a room full of decision makers and stakeholders. Fill in the form available on every page of our website and we’ll be in touch to set it up.


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