Google's New Click-To-Call Feature Could be Even Better

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google click-to-callGoogle's new click-to-call feature allows people to be connected directly to a business. Google announced that 70 percent of mobile searchers click to call a business directly from Google's search results. Senior product manager of mobile ads for Google claimed that advertisers with the click-to-call feature noticed 6-8 percent increase in click-through rates than the ads that don’t have it. It all supports the statement that using the capabilities of mobile can be optimized for real results.

Can we leverage our smartphones to pass along a customer’s location, or any other additional data are known about the web page where the ad was clicked? During the conversation, is it possible to use a camera, to send documents; or exchange text messages, to provide correct spelling and reference numbers?

Is there any way to improve this powerful feature?

Switching from a “Call” to “Contact” button, would allow you to establish a multi-channel Rich Contact Experience between an agent and a customer. They could start chatting, send a text message or photo, and even activate a video call by just one click. Along with the customer's contact information, location and other context information could be provided automatically.

New convenient contact options increase customer expectations. People are likely to feel disappointed when their expectations are not met. The businesses, which are not adopting new technologies, may lose customers. Google’s “Click to Call” feature has already proven how using some advantages of mobile can be optimized for real results. Utilization of other smartphone capabilities is the next step to an even more successful business.


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