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“The word ‘center’ in a contact center is increasingly optional.” I love that quote. It comes from a useful guide from Plantronics. The 10-page guide contains great guidance on the challenges and solutions for home working, including:

  • Cost
  • Scale
  • Job market
  • Retention and satisfaction
  • Environmental

...as well as the benefits of flexible scheduling (for example, working in different places on different days) and different methodologies for home-agent deployment.

There’s also a 4-step policy implementation guide.

Near the end, there’s a key section about working with your IT department: “Maintaining reliability and quality is an overriding imperative. There is no particular mystery about the technology required to enable home working. However, it must be implemented in a manner that ensures the same level of availability and audio that you insist on within a bricks-and-mortar environment. Your IT department is a critical partner since you rely on them to resolve issues and keep your home agents’ availability at a maximum. So have IT define the minimum requirements and ensure that each home agent’s environment can meet them.”

As a cloud contact center solution, ServicePattern includes the features--such as internal chat and real-time metrics--that allow you to manage them at home as if they were in the office, and know that you haven't really sent them home for a vacation day. And Bright Pattern is here to help you and your IT department to ensure that your work-at-home VoIP solution is rock-solid and as Plantronics says, “Hitting a home run!” Request a demo to hear more.


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