15 Minutes to a Brighter Customer Experience

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brighter customer experience

What does a brighter customer experience mean to you and your customers? For some of you, it may mean empowering agents in order to wow customers with each phone call. To others, it may mean providing service over new, emerging channels like Facebook Messenger. To still others, creating a brighter customer experience starts with mapping the customer journey and truly understanding customer needs.

At Bright Pattern, we believe there are a lot of things that create a brighter customer experience. Providing effortless, personalized omnichannel customer support is at the top of the list.

Are you interested in learning how to create an effortless, personal customer experience that your company can turn on quickly and easily?

Join me for a 15-minute webinar on Thursday, March 21st, at 12:00 p.m. (PST)/3:00 p.m. (EST). I will be walking through our cloud-first omnichannel solution that is delivering a modern customer service experience for top brands, including Mercedes, Overstock, and American Girl.

We will cover:

  • How customers can connect effortlessly to your business anywhere, anytime, on any channel

  • How agents can delight customers with an all-in-one platform with state-of-the-art integrations and best-of-breed AI

  • How agents can communicate easily and personally with customers across all channels, including bots

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Brett Ransom

About Brett Ransom

As Business Development Representative at Bright Pattern my job is to relay the benefits of our cloud-based platform in the contact center industry.

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