Federated Clouds

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A new architectural development allows companies to run multiple instances of a cloud contact center software managed as one single tenant.

Furthermore, if your cloud contact center provider supports hosting on any cloud, you can choose to host several instance of your contact center locally in a Data Center provider of your choice.

Under a Multi-tenant contact center approach to global contact center support, the company would partner with a single cloud contact center software provider that can run their software in two different clouds (one at the original contact center site and one at the secondary location). This multi-cloud approach would solve all problems previously discussed while allowing operations to manage both instances as one contact center.


The figure above illustrates how a company can use a multi-tenant model to expand contact center operations globally. Under this scenario there are no latency or compliance issues because all data and calls are being handled and stored in the regional cloud. There is also more flexibility in procuring local telephone numbers and companies are able to terminate the calls locally. Under this model the company can select whichever cloud provider they are most comfortable with. Lastly, this method of globalizing the contact center improves redundancy and disaster recovery. If one system goes down, the calls can be routed through the secondary location for business continuity.

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