CX Trends: What Industry Experts Have to Say About Omnichannel

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Last week we partnered with TTEC and The Pace of Service to present a webinar on CX Trends. The session was riveting and chock-full of information for industry experts Jeff Marcoux, VP of Marketing at TTEC, Ted Hunting, SVP of Marketing at Bright Pattern, and Michale Pace, Founder of The Pace of Service and President of the NorthEast Contact Center Forum.

The session covered how to create an effortless, personalized omnichannel customer experience, the growth of mobile channels, AI and bot uprising and common mistakes, as well as how to obtain a 360-degree view of the customer for a frictionless experience. Below are some quotes from our industry analysts on the topic of omnichannel.

Click here to view the webinar on-demand.

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Omnichannel has been a buzzwork for several years, yet IQPC, Gartner, and Dimension Data all believe only 5–12% of companies provide true omnichannel. Do you think that 2019 will be the year companies finally start implementing omnichannel?

Michael Pace: “I do think companies are going to. But I also believe there is still confusion on what exactly omnichannel is and the difference between multichannel, omnichannel, and multimodal.”

Jeff Marcoux: “I think everyone understands multichannel—you have multiple ways in which you can engage with a brand. And then you have truly omnichannel, which is the way in which you are able to have a conversation with the customer on their terms. You’re also able to do channel shifts. So, say we start on voice and I gotta go pick up my kid or I'm going to a recital and I can't talk but you know we haven't resolved my issue yet or I want to keep talking. I can shift to text, or I can go to messenger. The tech is out there today to do omnichannel but we are still seeing most brands remaining multichannel.”

Ted Hunting: “What I find interesting is that people have been literally clamoring for effortless personal omnichannel conversations for years, yet Dimension Data says only 8.4% of companies are doing it. To me, there's no reason for this because the technology is available. I see it as basically having a seamless continuous conversation across channels, where context is carried from channel to channel. If you're on the website and then later you call in, the person should know who you are and why you’re calling. It’s also important to empower agents to be omnichannel and even switch channels if need be. With the proliferation of new digital channels like Facebook Messenger and in-app, we can't allow new channels to become new silos.”

For a webinar recap on other top trends, stay tuned on the Bright Pattern blog. If you prefer to watch in on-demand, you can view the recording here.

Ready to switch to omnichannel? Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of omnichannel and how we can help you get started.

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