Top Challenges of a Global Contact Center Deployment: Part 1

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Your company is thinking of expanding its contact center into an international market, in either  Europe or Asia. That’s great, as this means that your business is thriving and turning a great profit. Before you celebrate your expansion, though, you must consider how difficult the journey ahead will be.

While expanding your international footprint is exciting, deploying a global contact center can be exhausting as there will be many difficult barriers you will encounter. 

Below are just some of the challenges that you’ll undoubtedly face when implementing a global contact center.  

  • Language issues: Once you go international, you must cater to customers and agents who speak unfamiliar languages. The contact center platform you are currently using most likely will require recompilation in order to incorporate additional languages.  This can be time consuming. Your target language may also be unsupported by your current platform provider, meaning you will have to look for new software.
  • Telecom complications: When expanding globally, you could face many telecom complications; in particular, call routing issues. For instance, if you have a call center in China, you want calls to be terminated in China, not the U.S., as it makes more sense economically.
  • Disparate services: Disparate services will cause information to be siloed. For example, suppose you have a call center in Europe and a call center in the U.S. These services need to communicate with each other and share data, which can be difficult without the right technology.   

For a deeper look into these issues check out Tuesday's blog on common globalization strategies and the problems associated.

As you can see, there are many challenges to deploying a global contact center. With the help of Bright Pattern, though, you can overcome these hurdles. Bright Pattern’s simple and intuitive cloud contact center platform helps streamline global deployments by offering access to local telecom providers, centralizing customer data into a single Web based hub and even offering support for practically any language.

Bright Pattern has been successfully deployed in Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Check our blog next Tuesday for Part 2 of this blog with additional hurdles you need to consider before taking your contact center global!

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