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We recently ran a non-scientific but insightful survey of contact center professionals. Not all of the responses are in and analyzed, but I did pick out a couple results that I found a little surprising.

In this case, I am looking at answers in the category, "How big are the obstacles that stand between you and moving to cloud solutions?"

Here are two non-surprises. Top listings under "It's going to take some work" were:

  • IT department approval.
  • Perceived lack of security.

We all know that IT is skeptical of cloud computing and that we need to work with them, not against them, to get their support and to make sure that any cloud solutions we adopt are properly vetted by them for security concerns. No surprises here.

But here are two surprises. Top listings under, "This is not a problem" were:

  • IT won't allow it.
  • Perceived lack of performance, reliability, availability.

This is good news. It shows that fewer IT departments are adopting a flat "No" and are working with business customers to determine when and how to appropriately use cloud solutions in the contact center.

And it also shows that the old attitudes about cloud contact center technology performance are also shifting.


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