Is Mobile Customer Service the Next Step for GrubHub, Amazon and Other Online Delivery Services?

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We took a quick look at several major companies within the food delivery industry and the customer service options they provided to their customer base.  We were surprised to see that most if not all of these companies had room to grow in terms of utilizing their contact center to better satisfy modern customers with mobile customer service.

Why GrubHub, Amazon Fresh, Google Shopping Express and other online delivery don't offer mobile customer service? Is it going to be the next step for them?

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A quick look at contact options these online food delivery services offer to their customers raises a number of questions:

  • Why less than half of these companies implement a callback option, a more cost effective (and simply more effective) version of toll-free (you avoid IVR, your customer doesn’t waste queue time on the phone and you get customer and issue information with the call)?
  • Why most of them have a mobile app, but none of them utilize their mobile capabilities to initiate customer interaction, such as enabling customers to send information in the form of text and photos to the contact centers?
  • Why support both e-mail and incident form at the same time?
  • Is the low proliferation of web chat feature due to the urgent and immediate nature of requests? Chat is very convenient for longer interactions and interactions where the customer wants communication to stay private in places where they could be overheard, but not very convenient for those obtaining immediate answers.
  • What is so special about e-mail? It is supported by practically all of them when they have other channels.

What do you think about the lack of features and services these customer  service oriented companies are providing in terms of CRM? We believe that today's connected customers deserve multichannel Rich Contact mobile customers service


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