SMS/MMS Conversations in Zendesk: Pitfalls and Solutions

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Texting is by far the most popular and convenient means of communication for people today. Sending an SMS/MMS (short message service/multimedia messaging service) message is quick—it’s faster and more convenient than email—and you don’t have to say a lot to get your message across. In fact, when sending a photo or video via MMS, you don’t have to say anything at all. Texting is a must, especially for businesses offering customer service.

Companies that use Zendesk as a contact center want their agents to send and receive SMS/MMS as easily as anyone else. Zendesk Text enables businesses to do just that, although not in a very convenient way: in Zendesk, agents can receive inbound MMS from customers and a ticket is generated for the interaction, but the agents’ replies are sent to customers via email—not SMS or MMS. Moreover, each follow-up customer message creates a new ticket, so the business ends up with multiple tickets for the same conversation.

When customers text you, they expect a text message back—not an email reply. We believe that it would be easier for agents and customers to send and receive SMS/MMS on the same channel, on a single ticket. That’s why we offer Bright Pattern for Zendesk, a simple add-on to Zendesk that will take your customer service a long way both in terms of efficiency and better supporting your customers.

Bright Pattern for Zendesk expands Zendesk with some key features that no contact center should be without:

  • Inbound/outbound SMS/MMS conversation threads
  • Intelligent distribution of calls, chats, and SMS/MMS to agents
  • Management of customer interactions at the conversation level
  • Tickets and activity history for all interactions in a single desktop interface
  • Easy handling of multiple interactions on the customers’ channel of choice

With Bright Pattern for Zendesk, your Zendesk-based contact center can connect with customers on the same channel in which they first contacted you. Both inbound and outbound SMS/MMS are supported, as are conversation management tools, no-nonsense ticketing, and many other customer support features. Our add-on turns Zendesk into a one-stop communications hub.

Learn more about how Bright Pattern can improve your Zendesk experience.

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