Virtual Queuing: A Brilliant Contact Center Technology

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Try this experiment: Google “stopwatch.” Then, dial your business’s toll-free number and hit the blue start button. You’re about to experience exactly what your customers go through when they attempt to contact your organization.

As you wait for an agent to pick up the phone, pay attention to how you feel. Chances are good your fingers will start tapping. You’ll check your email a few times, and your mind will wander to all of the other things you should be doing. The hold music will likely get worse and worse.  

If you’re still hanging on by the fifth or sixth minute, rest assured you’re more patient than the vast majority of your customers.

As you will see, making callers wait several minutes or longer to speak with representatives is not good for customer service, and often leads to increased caller abandonment. There’s an easy fix to this problem, though, and that is to invest in a virtual call queue.  

A virtual call queue allows customers to reserve a place in line and hang up the phone if they so choose. By offering this technology, you can:

  • Reduce customer anxiety levels: Offering a virtual call queue sends the message that you care about your customers’ busy schedules. While you can’t assist them right away, you do respect their need to accomplish other tasks. It prevents customers from stewing with anger while they wait on hold, and could result in more pleasant conversations when an agent calls back.
  • Lower toll-free costs: Keeping customers on hold will drive up the cost of your monthly toll-free telephone bill. Using a virtual queue, you can expect to save about 30 percent on monthly toll-free bills.

Want to learn more about how a virtual queue can benefit your business? Contact Bright Pattern today!

Darren Prine

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As a Senior Sales Executive with Bright Pattern, I help contact centers improve their customer engagement, customer experience and agent utilization. Contact centers leverage our technology to allow customers to connect via virtually any media channel, device or application. Not only that but but customers/agents can move from one channel to another such as voice to SMS or from chat to voice.

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