The Pressure Is On for Contact Center BPOs

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If one thing holds true in the contact center outsourcing industry, it’s that repeat business is never guaranteed. A BPO can be on great terms with a client one day and on an equally shaky ground the next. It’s a cutthroat industry, and BPOs can afford little time to rest on their laurels. It’s all about outshining your competitors at every turn.                                      

Just how competitive are outsourced contact center services today? In one recent study, more than half of those surveyed reported that they opted to sever ties with their vendors once their contracts expired. What’s more, a significant number of customers that did renew contracts opted to add higher-value services.

What this study shows is that landing repeat business in the ultra-competitive contact center services market requires having access to cutting-edge software that is capable of facilitating high-quality customer interactions, and also generating comprehensive metrics. If your company isn’t offering these types of services to its customers, there is another company that will be. And it will be very difficult to convince your customers not to go a different route. You can’t win over customers on low prices alone.

Here at Bright Pattern, we maintain that one of the best ways to win over your clients and encourage repeat business is to offer strong (meaning secure, reliable and seamless) customer service across multiple channels. Using Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center software, your business will be able to effectively communicate with customers using SMS, social media, the Internet, voice and more.

To learn how Bright Pattern helps BPOs provide stellar service with our innovative cloud contact center platform, click here.

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