Three Ways Your BPO Operation Is Scaring Away Contact Center Customers

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Look: It’s not easy to make money as a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider in the contact center arena. Your business, after all, is competing with hundreds of other BPOs for customers.

Since competition is fierce, making a strong first impression is vital to your success. Otherwise, you risk scaring off customers before they agree to respond to your RFP.

Protect your business by avoiding these three mistakes when approaching new contact center customers:

Slow CRM integration: Outsourcing needs to be a speedy process. Oftentimes, however, the process gets slowed down when BPOs cannot integrate their customers’ CRM solutions fast enough. If your business must manually integrate CRMs, and the process takes several days or weeks, this is too slow—and it could be costing you business. Your business should have the ability to seamlessly integrate with your customers’ CRM solutions—no matter what type of software they are using.

Lack of clear-cut software benefits: Right now, your business is just another company on the market. There is no clear-cut advantage that it offers. But what if you could improve agent utilization? Using Bright Pattern’s unique blended multichannel platform, for instance, agents can multitask more easily; in other words, they can participate in multiple chats, respond to calls and answer email all over a single platform. As a result, they can accomplish more in a single hour.

Unreliable system performance: One of the easiest ways to get a poor reputation as a contact center BPO is to have an unreliable network. Your system needs to be highly available, with full disaster recovery and 100 percent uptime, as well as fault-tolerance, to ensure that service can remain uninterrupted at all times. Don’t get a reputation as a company that can’t afford to maintain a reliable network.

Sergey Menshikov

About Sergey Menshikov

Vice President of Product Management at Bright Pattern with 20+ years in the contact center space.

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