Robocalling Will Not Win You an Election

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The phone remains one of the most powerful tools for politicians to connect with constituents during political campaigns. Here’s the catch, though: done incorrectly, phone calls can actually have a detrimental effect on a campaign.

First, let’s focus on the wrong way to engage in political dialing, with robocalls. Just because it is legal to make political robocalls to registered mobile numbers does not make the practice right—or effective. The vast majority of customers will hang up as soon as they hear an automated message.

Plus, Google recently released new software for Android One and Nexus devices to help customers identify robocalls. Now, when a call comes into a mobile device, the screen will flash red if it is a suspected spam caller. Callers can then easily block the number and report it as spam after the call ends.   

So take our advice: Robocalling is a shady business. There is a much more effective way to reach customers and remain on their good graces—that is by installing Bright Pattern’s predictive dialing software in your contact centers.

Bright Pattern’s software is a one-stop-shop for connecting with constituents. First and foremost, it provides a time and cost-effective way to use live agents when making political calls. The dialer will call a number and wait for someone to pick up before connecting a live agent, which prevents agents from wasting valuable time. The software also provides updated call registries, and real-time hot listing for pushing high-priority contacts to the top of a call queue.

Bright Pattern is also planning an upcoming software release that will contain many new outbound calling features—like the ability to set sample quotas, and adjust on-the-fly limit settings. So make sure to check back for updates as we near the big release!

To learn more about how Bright Pattern can improve the way you connect with voters, click here.

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