Stop Living in Fear of Your Contact Center Service Level Agreements

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Service Level Agreements

Your business just signed an agreement with a client who insisted on a service level target of 80 percent of calls answered within 20 seconds.

Now, you’re biting your lip...because you have no idea how you will actually meet this goal.

It’s a problem that countless contact center BPOS are experiencing today—that is, feeling pressured to agree to specific key performance indicators, yet being unable to properly plan, track and measure progress throughout the duration of a contract. We may be living in the great age of customer service metrics, but many organizations are still using yesterday’s technologies for daily operations. As a result, many businesses are finding it difficult to retain customers.

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, more than half of the companies in a recent survey indicated that they opted to cut ties with their vendors after their contracts expired. Competition is fierce, and the companies that can meet their service level agreements are the ones that are rising to the top.

The right software, though, combined with a multichannel customer service strategy (to reduce call volume) and proper planning can help meet challenging targets, and serve as proof that you are able to meet your expected deliverables.

To help streamline the planning process, we created the Call Center Calculator. This call volume simulation tool will help you determine the exact number of agents you need to have on hand throughout the day to answer calls.

To learn more about the Call Center Calculator, click here.

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