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On Thursday, we announced integration between the Bright Pattern Contact Center and I've seen the demo a few times and it is very slick. I've even seen it two different ways: the standard way where ServicePattern appears "within" salesforce; and also another way where salesforce appears within ServicePattern. We have very clever engineers. I'd recommend that you request a demo of your own to see it for yourself.

One of the reasons this integration is so important is that even though ServicePattern has basic CRM functionality built in (great for smaller companies that aren't on the salesforce platform and contact centers where the agents don't have access to licensed seats), many of our customers are customers. And since the beauty and promise of ServicePattern is 360-degree access to customer information, a single pane of glass is the way of the future (and now the present).

Another key point is that this could be called "no integration" just like uses the "no software" slogan. And that's because it is pre-packaged with no custom code needed. Truly, integration without the headaches. For more information:


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