Midmarket Companies Relying on Big Data for Big Decisions

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Big data analysis is moving downstream to midmarket companies. Big data analysis is moving downstream to midmarket companies.

New data from Competitive Edge Research Reports and Dell Software shows that Big Data is moving downstream, with more midmarket companies increasingly relying on such analytics capabilities to make important decisions.

The study collected 300 responses over four days in November of last year, from midmarket companies, defined as organizations with between 2,000 and 5,000 employees. More than 50 percent of respondents were C-level or vice president level employees.

Almost all respondents - 96 percent - said they either have a 'big data' initiative in place or are just getting started with one.

Nearly two out of three respondents said that big data analysis improved decision-making in their organization, a key objective.

Those surveyed said that they hope their big data efforts will produce better quality products and services, new business opportunities, and better decision-making.

Opportunities abound too, for the contact center to improve services, and customer experience, with big data.

Our ServicePattern next-generation cloud contact center platform has extensive APIs to allow cloud-to-cloud export of contact center data to a business analytics engine. Once there, big data analytics can process the data standalone, or integrate it with business data from other sources, to produce actionable insights that make customers happier.

It's only possible with a cloud-based, unified, contact center platform that centralizes administration and reporting across all consumer engagement channels.

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