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You must differentiate, or die, with mobile apps. You must differentiate, or die, with mobile apps.

Stuart Pike, Executive Director, Digital Audience Measurement, for Nielsen, says that, if you want to get your brand message across to the typical smartphone user, "you’ve got about 90 minutes of their day to make an impact."

Estimates of smartphone screen-time minutes available for brand marketing purposes vary from 60 minutes per day in the U.S. to 75 minutes per day in mobile-intensive Japan.

Given these numbers, how can you best take advantage of smartphones to engage with your audience?

A Harvard Business Review article last year suggests that apps, not ads are the way to go.

Sunil Gupta, the author of the article, also implores would-be app creators to "offer unique value...take advantage of mobile capabilities to do things traditional desktop computers can’t."

The advice from both Pike and Gupta rings true with Esteban Kolsky, an ex-Gartner analyst and founder of ThinkJar, a customer experienced focused research and advisory outfit.

In his whitepaper, How to Master Mobile Customer Service, Kolsky advises contact centers to evolve into mobile. He recommends simple apps as a starting point.

Kolsky also stresses the need to offer a unique value with the app - to differentiate or die. Mobile customer service can be a differentiator, he says.

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