Would your Contact Center Agents Role-play as Comic-book characters to Delight your Customers?

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powAmazon has known for the high quality of service it provides to its customers.

However, not all instances of great customer service are produced in the same fashion. In a routine chat session about an issue with a book order, one lucky customer received a unique experience with an Amazon representative when he requested that the agent role-plays as the comic-book hero, Thor, and the customer assume the role of his father, Odin.

View the chat below, or check out the image on Imgur here:

Amazon Customer Service

This chat session has gone viral on social media, and reading through the responses to this from readers, it is clear that readers are echoing the same sentiment throughout the web, “Yes! This is the way customer service should be done!”

So exactly what does this teach us about the customer service experience?

Customers want to be delighted.

Multi-Channel and mobile support, Amazon provides these services to their customers but these are also services that customers expect to be provided for them.

Standing out from your competition requires you to provide customers with what they expect and then some. In today’s connect world, customers expect you to provide them with the channels that are convenient to them (SMS, Mobile, Chat). Not doing so will annoy and may ultimately result in you losing your customers to your competitors. Once you are meeting them where they want to be met, you must resolve their problems effectively and efficiently. Only after meeting these two requirements will you be able to begin to start delighting your customers and stand out from your competition.


It is customer delight, as we have seen in this exchange between Amazon’s extraordinary agent and the customer, that we  see creates the buzz about Amazon, making it stand out from its competitors.

Amazon enables their agents to delight their customers by allowing them to express themselves freely. What steps will you take to not only connect with your customers in their preferred channel, but also provide them with a delightful experience that will leave them raving about your business?


Sergey Menshikov

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