Contact Center Platform for BPOs

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Contact Center Platform for BPOs

Contact center platform for BPOs - a new program for deploying our high availability, fault-tolerant ServicePattern platform. This program for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) delivers:

  • leading edge customer service capabilities
  • unique deployment options
  • tailored professional services.

The innovative Rich Contact Experience mobile APIs built-in to ServicePattern enable outsourcers to offer highly differentiated customer service solutions and attract new clients, such as large, global, brands, and build long-lasting relationships with them.

With Bright Pattern, BPOs may choose to host our cloud platform privately, under a white label, for larger teams, for tighter control and economies of scale; or enjoy a no-capital-expense deployment, solid infrastructure and professional infrastructure management afforded by our public cloud solution.

Bright Pattern's dedicated, expert, professional services team helps BPOs with adaptation and tailoring the platform to specific customer environments, whether you are bringing on a new customer or responding to an existing customer’s requirements change.

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