Cloud Contact Center Data Augmentation: Customer Intelligence Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

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The currency of the contact center is information. We have always used consumer data to drive exceptional customer service, but in the last few years many vendors have been utilizing technology in new ways to create and optimize information like never before. Take IoT, AI, Cloud Contact Center data augmentation and big data as some of the newer examples of optimizing information.

By knowing more about your consumer or potential customer you can personalize the conversation, anticipate future needs and speed up conversations (hopefully ending with a happy customer).

Simply put, data augmentation, is increasing the number of data points available. In the contact center data augmentation can add value by providing a representative with additional information derived from internal and external sources.  In the age of big data and AI, enterprises are learning to utilizing information for building powerful customer relationships.

The problem that many organizations face is making the data manageable.

Bright Pattern makes cloud contact center data augmentation easy. Our data augmentation integrations take away the manual intervention required to develop meaningful customer data while enhancing the quality of the data. By extracting data from our partners we can pop the additional customer information into the agent user interface.

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Then the representative can easily click the data points he would like to move over into the CRM or case management system to save for future interactions.

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For more information on Bright Pattern’s data augmentation read our recent press on our new integrations - NextCaller and The Data Group

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