Turn Your Money Losing Contact Center into a Profit Maker

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We just published another great recorded webinar, Inside Sales – Turning Contact Centers into Service AND Sales Centers, with Jodi Beuder of Impact Learning Systems, a division of Miller Heiman.
Jodi walks through the steps you need to take to turn a money-losing service or support contact center into a profit-making combined support and sales center.

She explains it this way:
"Call centers and virtual contact centers can be profit makers or money losers, depending on how they’re run, and the type of company they’re used for. Often, contact centers focus on customer service, helping customers solve problems or find solutions – which may be great for the brand and product, but this singular purpose can turn a call center or contact center into a money pit for the company’s bottom line. A popular solution is simply to combine the contact center into a customer service/sales center, meaning, have the reps continue customer service and add upselling and cross-selling to their job duties."
And here are the questions I covered with Jodi during the webinar:

  • Jodi, you’ve got an extensive background. Can you tell us more about what drives you?
  • Why combine call centers into customer service/sales centers?
  • That’s not as easy as it sounds, though, is it?
  • So what is the first step that management should take in order to avoid turnover?
  • As Management prepares for their role to train the call center reps, then, what is their approach for how to get their staff to buy in on the new training and their new role?
  • What is the role of gamification in the contact center, in this process?
  • Once the staff buys into training, what are some of the keys to training success?
  • So the call isn’t just about sales goals.
  • What’s next in the sales training for call center reps, then?
  • So with the right training approach, any rep can learn how to become a salesperson?
  • What will these representatives get, exactly, from the recommended training?

I encourage you to watch the entire webinar, it's only 15 minutes long. You can watch it here.


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