Seamless Scalability: A Deal Breaker for Cloud Contact Center Software

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Imagine a growing family in the market for a new house that can accommodate additions. It makes sense for this family to buy a large house rather than run out of room and be forced to move again or stay in a space that cannot meet its needs.

Businesses often run into this same challenge of capacity constraint when buying cloud contact center software. While most cloud contact center providers offer “unlimited scalability,” they typically do so with the stipulation that, at a certain point, the customer will have to upgrade to a different software version—one that is capable of processing a larger volume of traffic. The vast majority of cloud contact center platforms, in other words, are built for different scales of use.

With Bright Pattern’s software, though, you’ll find truly seamless scalability. Your business will be able to use the same cluster for five agents as it would for 5,000. And more clusters can easily be added as needed. There is no limit to the number of concurrent agents you can use with Bright Pattern. This means less cost and less hassle.

For this reason, Bright Pattern is ideal for use by businesses of all sizes—from startup operations that can’t easily predict where they will be in a year to large enterprises with a clear understanding of their customer volumes. Bright Pattern will enable your business to grow at its own pace, without fear of having to migrate to a different platform along the way.

So don’t get caught in an unexpected capacity pinch. Bright Pattern will provide your business with flexible scalability in the contact center.

Darren Prine

About Darren Prine

As a Senior Sales Executive with Bright Pattern, I help contact centers improve their customer engagement, customer experience and agent utilization. Contact centers leverage our technology to allow customers to connect via virtually any media channel, device or application. Not only that but but customers/agents can move from one channel to another such as voice to SMS or from chat to voice.

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