Question of the Day: Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?

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Bright Pattern Hybrid Cloud

You have been reading all about the immense power of cloud computing, and how most contact centers are now embracing this technology. At this point, you know that the cloud can reduce not only CAPEX and OPEX but also headaches associated with downtime and scalability—while at the same time improving agent productivity and customer satisfaction ratings.

As for how the cloud actually works, however, you’re still a bit in the dark. So let’s break down this technology a bit further and focus on the three types of cloud deployment models that you have to select from public / private or hybrid cloud.

Public cloud: Investing in a public cloud contact center solution will provide you with all the amenities you need to run your contact center, like software licenses and hosted offsite storage. Vendors offer varying degrees of amenities and support. The most important thing to keep in mind about a public cloud environment is that you will be sharing the same computing infrastructure with other companies. The tradeoff is that, while public cloud service typically costs less, it may lack the resources and support that heavy workloads or mission-critical environments require for maximum performance.

Private cloud: If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach and greater control over your data, you may opt for a private cloud environment. By deploying a private cloud setup, you will gain the same benefits of a public cloud, and you can even arrange for multitenancy if you want it. However, it will be on-premises and therefore managed by your own team, which can strain your resources. You will have to provide the equipment, and your team will be responsible for system upkeep.

Hybrid cloud: Many companies are opting to run with a hybrid deployment, which is basically a mix of public and private cloud infrastructure. In a hybrid setup, you’ll have a private, onsite cloud environment but offload certain processes to a hosted, off-site third-party cloud provider. This arrangement allows you to scale more easily and cost-effectively and gives you more options for managing your data.

Leading cloud contact center solutions provider Bright Pattern can help you realize your cloud goals in any type of environment—public, private or hybrid. To request more information, click here.

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As a Senior Sales Executive with Bright Pattern, I help contact centers improve their customer engagement, customer experience and agent utilization. Contact centers leverage our technology to allow customers to connect via virtually any media channel, device or application. Not only that but but customers/agents can move from one channel to another such as voice to SMS or from chat to voice.

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