What Exactly Is In-App Support?

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In researching multichannel customer service, you’re bound to come across the term in-app customer support.

What exactly is in-app support, and why should you offer it to your customers?

In-app support simply refers to live customer service that is offered within the friendly confines of your company’s mobile application. In-app support can also refer to live support via your website.

Let’s stop and consider why in-app support is important...

A mobile application, like any other customer-facing channel, needs to act like a sort of trap. The goal is to keep a customer inside your application for as long as possible, in hopes of completing a transaction.

Customers, however, don’t always get the information they need when visiting. They can easily get confused and stuck. When this happens, it leads to one of several courses of action: The customer may head to Google and type in a query, which could lead him or her to other brands. Or, the customer may reach for the dialer and attempt to contact your brand over the phone, which takes more time and could lead to a hang-up. The customer could also just give up altogether and move on with his or her day.

It’s therefore critical to ensure that help is readily available within the application. Offering in-app support can be as simple as providing a “help” button that identifies the customer and connects him or her with an agent—all without having to exit the application. A robust in-app support package should also allow customers to exchange relevant voice and video files, images and documents.

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