Customers Want Seamless Multi Channel Service

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It was bound to happen sooner or later: Customers are openly demanding access to seamless multichannel customer service options. They’ve gotten a taste of the good life by interacting with brands that do offer such support, and now it’s becoming a basic expectation.

Consider a recent infographic from ICMI which shows that 67 percent of consumers now expect to be able to talk with the same representative—from day to day—whenever they engage with a company. And 60 percent of consumers anticipate talking with the same representative when they switch from a Web chat to a phone call.

The infographic also shows that 53 percent of customers would prefer to use an online chat service before calling a contact center.

These statistics confirm what we have been saying all along: Multichannel service is now a must-have technology for contact centers. So, if your business is still failing to provide customer support over a variety of channels, and you’re still relying primarily on the phone and email for customer communications, you have some catching up to do with other businesses in your industry.

Fortunately, Bright Pattern can get your business up to speed quickly. Our cloud-based platform will enable your agents to communicate with customers over many different channels, right from a single Web-based interface. Bright Pattern’s high-quality cloud contact center software is user-friendly, intuitive and backed by the knowledge and experience of one of the most capable teams in the customer service industry. Bright Pattern’s engineers have almost three decades of experience in designing cutting-edge contact center software.

So don’t wait any longer; get in the multichannel customer service game with Bright Pattern. For more information, click here.


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