BPO Tips: How to Be Irresistible to Contact Centers

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Standing out as a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider in the contact center space, where competitors are a dime a dozen, is a trick and a half these days. Just about every BPO offers similar features that were once considered cutting-edge but are now run of the mill, like guaranteed uptime, scalability and flexible pricing.

To differentiate your brand and win more RFPs, consider an offer of broad compatibility with every customer relationship management (CRM) solution you sell.

Right now, in other words, your contact center platform is most likely compatible with a limited number of third-party CRM providers like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. As a result, when a new customer comes to you with an incompatible CRM platform, your engineers must roll up their sleeves and try to manually integrate it with your platform—a process that can delay the start of the contract.

From the customer’s perspective, waiting several days or weeks for your business to accommodate their needs when they can simply contact another provider and receive same-day service makes little sense. Requests can move very quickly in the contact center space.

Bright Pattern can solve this challenge for you.

In addition to offering pre-built CRM integrations, Bright Pattern’s platform also comes with open APIs for limitless flexibility with third-party CRM software. In true plug-and-play style, Bright Pattern can easily connect to just about any CRM platform on the market, enabling faster—and safer—CRM integration.

To learn more about Bright Pattern’s unique approach to CRM integration, click here.

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As the Marketing Manager at Bright Pattern, my main goal is to increase awareness on the growing benefits of cloud-based technologies in the contact center industry.

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