Approachable Enterprise Part 1: Your Customers' Channel Options

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You all know by now how important customer experience is to your enterprise. And one of the most important facets of customer experience is choice of how to contact and when. This is why buzzwords like multichannel and omnichannel exist and why many contact center consultants recommend solutions with powerful omnichannel capabilities.

Aberdeen Group even claims that enterprises with strong omnichannel customer service retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omni-channel strategies. There are three pieces that are integral to creating an approachable enterprise.

  1. Preference - it is crucial to offer channel choice to help customers select the channel they are most comfortable with. Some people would rather use newer channels such as social and SMS, while others will prefer to talk with a live agent.
  2. Convenience - sometimes a consumer's environment dictates which channels can/cannot be used. For example, if a consumer is on the train, it may be rude and too public to communicate over the phone. Given this environment it would be more convenient to communicate using a mobile or digital channel.
  3. Time - Sometimes it is not convenient to contact right away. As a customer if you need to reach an enterprise for support but are currently busy, by scheduling an interaction in the future you don’t have to worry about it anymore. An agent will reach out to you on the channel of your choice at the time selected.

Retail giants like Amazon and Apple consistently stand at the top of the list for great customer experience in a large part thanks to the omnichannel support they offer their consumers. Luckily, you don’t have to be one of the “big guys” anymore to provide this exceptional experience.

Bright Pattern helps enterprises become as approachable as a friend or relative, perhaps even more so. With Bright Pattern Contact Center, any company can enjoy the same level of ease of customer communication today.

Shelby Faris

About Shelby Faris

As the Marketing Manager at Bright Pattern, my main goal is to increase awareness on the growing benefits of cloud-based technologies in the contact center industry.

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