AI Applications for Contact Centers, Enabled by IBM Watson

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IBM Watson claims to “give you the power of knowledge”. With Watson you can uncover new insight and business intelligence in ways like never before. The contact center industry has been slowly adding AI features and Bright Pattern just gained some of the most powerful features by partnering with IBM Watson.

Bright Pattern continues to lead contact center innovation with cognitive computing applications for customer service, offering a number of beneficial features, including:

  • Pattern detection in communication content that proactively addresses changes in customer behavior
  • Routing customer interactions according to emotional “temperature” and sentiment
  • Searching of all types of customer interactions using keywords and sentiment discriminators
  • AI-driven bots that automatically lead conversations and gather meaningful customer data
  • Intelligent advice and assistance for agents in conversations
  • Workforce optimization driven by keyword extraction and deep content analysis

We are thrilled to empower our customers with technology that, until recently, was confined to the realm of sci-fi. These applications open a new era in customer service operations.

Bright Pattern AI applications leverage a IBM Watson cognitive technology comprising an array of APIs and services for natural language understanding, sentiment and emotional analysis, and speech-to-text transcription in eight languages.

AI applications for contact centers are developed as part of a broader strategy of contact center technology innovation, geared toward simplifying omnichannel and enterprise functionality on a true cloud platform.
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