7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience and Beat the Competition

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Smartphone users can get ahead of competitionYour customer’s smartphone can get you ahead of competition.
“If companies simply maintain the status quo, their organizations face customer defection. 64% percent [of decision makers] say that risks of not adopting new customer service technologies will leave them at a competitive disadvantage;” (Forrester Research, survey of 50 decision makers from firms with 5K employees or more)

Smartphone users are frustrated when it comes to getting customer service, found a recent customer experience survey by [24]7, a customer lifecycle management services company based in Campbell, California (800 survey participants, 83% smartphone users). Here are the top five sources of frustration for smartphone users identified by the survey:

  • It takes too long to resolve an issue (78%)
  • I need to start over (77%)
  • Too much effort from my part (71%)
  • Need to repeat information when switching channels (70%)
  • No recognition of me or my issue (70%)

There are many solutions to these problems, to improve customer experience, that are well-known and expensive.
However, the most cost-effective solutions are enabled by your customers’ smartphones: their devices can help you improve customer experience, and save money, if you can figure out how to leverage them.
By integrating your contact center directly with mobile applications, you can begin to tackle those top five complaints:

  1. Through their smartphone, your customers can directly send in to the contact center pictures or documents that are relevant to their issue, reducing time to resolution.
  2. The app can automatically provide the contact center with all of the information about the customer and issue known to the app, ensuring correct routing of the call the first time, minimizing agent transfers and the need to start over.
  3. By transmitting the data, the IVR phase is eliminated, saving them the time and effort of fumbling with the keypad and complex menus to enter information and then waiting in queue for a representative. Data from Forrester Research shows that “71% [of U.S. online adults] say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.”
  4. The received data is used for finding a best representative for the request, and follows the request when a transfer is needed
  5. During conversation, smartphone keeps the connection while multiple media sessions could be established and torn down, text, voice, pictures, all within the same context
  6. Recognize and segment your customers automatically before they are presented to a customer service representative. Give preferential treatment to your most valued customers.
  7. Save money on inbound toll-free in the process – as your customers work through your IVR, and then sit in queue listening to music, your telecom bills are climbing.

You can do all of these today to improve the customer experience and lower your costs. These solutions are also readily adapted to websites, as well.
Not many companies do it, so customers expect the service to be what it was years ago. You could exceed these expectations, and …
Raise the expectation bar for your competition today!


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